Can the GivingStation MK3 run 24/7?

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This can vary from device to device and whilst the unit is capable of running 24/7 it is very much dependant on the specifics of the setup and location (often outside our control). If you are only getting a short time there could be an issue but a reasonable amount of time would be a day or two without any interaction.

We would highly recommend that the device is checked every 24 - 48hrs and if it hasn't been used in that period of time it might be worth tapping the donation button and letting it cancel. This will help to keep it awake. Our devices are 'designed for unattended or semi unattended use' but if left completely untouched for extended periods they can go to sleep.

There could be any number of reasons why this might be happening. Assuming that the machine is connected to power and left on the main GAL donation screen, the device 'should' stay on. If it is going to sleep frequently it's often a sign that the app is dropping out (causing the tablet to sleep after 30 minutes). The most common cause is intermittent drop off in wifi / data connection but there are other reasons. In some cases it can be an issue with the machine but more frequently it is an external factor.

There are two things that you can try at your own discretion as they may require some experimentation to get right. We would also recommend that this would be carried out by someone with sufficient knowledge on android systems:

Go to settings > system > advanced > about tablet. Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Build Number' around 7 times. You should se a message to say 'You are now a developer'. Tap the back arrow in the bottom left and tap developer options. In the menu you will see an option to 'Stay Awake'. Select it and return to normal use.

Secondly, if you aren't already making use of Fully Kiosk, we now ship a free licensed copy of Fully Kiosk with each of our devices but this has to be enabled, if you do not have a license provided by ourselves, you will have to purchase one from the Fully Single App Kiosk site and activate it via the Fully Single App Kiosk app on your tablet. 

Not only will this prevent misuse and tampering of your device but it will also help to ensure that it stays active.

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